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Station 9726

Station Information

Station Name: Skincuttle Inlet, B.C. 
Station Number: 9726 
Latitude Decimal Degrees: 52.307667º N 
Longitude Decimal Degrees: 131.33765º W 
Datum: CD 
Time Zone: PST 
Last Update Time: 2014-01-29 2:29:05 PM 
Established: 2011 
Province: BC 
Ownership: PAC 
Tide Table Volume:
Reference Station: 999999 
Geo Location:  
Comments: July 2011. Located on the south end of the Queen Charlotte Island. The temporary gauge will be removed at the end of the season. June 25, 2011 - July 20, 2011. 

Digital Data

Year Start Date End Date Sampling Interval
2011  2011/06/25  2011/07/20 
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