Station Inventory Data

Station 312

Station Information

Station Name: ILE HAUTE 
Station Number: 312 
Latitude Decimal Degrees: 45.25º N 
Longitude Decimal Degrees: 65º W 
Datum: CD 
Time Zone: AST 
Last Update Time: 2010-11-22 4:31:41 PM 
Established: 9999 
Province: NS 
Ownership: ATL 
Tide Table Volume:
Reference Station: 999999 
Geo Location: BAY OF FUNDY 
Comments: BAY OF FUNDY 

Digital Data

Year Start Date End Date Sampling Interval
1976  1976/04/26  1976/07/30  60 

Microfilm Inventory

Year Period of Record Film Number
1965  JUNE-OCT  1965-1 
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