Station Inventory Data

Station 1465

Station Information

Station Name: HEBRON 
Station Number: 1465 
Latitude Decimal Degrees: 58.2005º N 
Longitude Decimal Degrees: 62.6293º W 
Time Zone: AST 
Last Update Time: 2010-11-22 4:31:41 PM 
Established: 1941 
Province: NF 
Ownership: ATL 
Tide Table Volume:
Reference Station: 999999 
Geo Location:  
Comments: A 37 day tide record obtained in 2004, and its subsequent analysis, indicated that BM elevations set in 1986 were incorrect. A correction of +0.22m had to be applied to the 37 day tide record for it to agree with the 1986 analysis. Hence the adjustments to the BM elevations below. 

Digital Data

Year Start Date End Date Sampling Interval
2004  2004/08/16  2004/09/20  15 
2006  2006/08/11  2006/09/08  15 
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