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2022/001 Pacific
Bocaccio (Sebastes paucispinis) stock assessment for British Columbia in 2019, including guidance for rebuilding plans
Starr, P.J.
Haigh, R.
2022/003 Pacific
An ecological carrying capacity assessment for shellfish aquaculture in Baynes Sound, British Columbia
Guyondet, T.
Krassovski, M.V.
Sutherland, T.F.
Foreman, M.G.G.
Filgueira, R.
2022/004 Pacific
Monitoring methods to support area-based bivalve aquaculture management in the Pacific region
Sutherland, T.F.
Guyondet, T.
Filgueira, R.
Krassovski, M.V.
Foreman, M.G.G.
2022/005 Gulf
Impact of an expanding Redfish (Sebastes spp.) fishery on southern Gulf of St. Lawrence White Hake (Urophycis tenuis
Rolland, N.
McDermid, J.L.
Swain, D.P.
Senay, C.
2022/006 Maritimes
2018 4X5Y Atlantic Cod Framework Data Inputs
Andrushchenko, I.V.
Clark, D.
Irvine, F.
MacEachern, E.
Martin, R.
Wang, Y.
2022/008 Quebec
Alternative bleeding method for the hunt for young grey seals (Halichoerus grypus): common carotid arteries versus axillary arteries
Daoust, P.-Y.
Sauvé, C.C.
2022/009 Maritimes
Assessment of the Maritimes Region American Eel and Elver fisheries
Bradford, R.G.
Cook, A.M.
Smith, S.
2022/011 Quebec
Preliminary results from the ecosystemic survey in August 2021 in the Estuary and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence
Bourdages, H.
Brassard, C.
Chamberland, J.-M
Desgagnés, M.
Galbraith, P.
Isabel, L.
Senay, C.
2022/014 Newfoundland & Labrador
Sentinel Surveys 1995-2020 – Catch rates and biological information on Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) in NAFO Subdivision 3Ps
Mello, L.G.S.
Simpson, M.R.
2022/015 Quebec
Details of catchR, an R package to estimate the age and length composition of fishery catches, with an application to 3Pn4RS Atlantic cod
Ouellette-Plante, J.
Van Beveren, E.
Benoît, H.P.
Brassard, C.
2022/016 Gulf
Hydrometeorological conditions for Atlantic salmon rivers in the Maritime provinces
Goguen, Gabriel
Caissie, D.
2022/017 Maritimes
2018 Stock Assessment Modelling Framework for 4X5Y Cod
Wang, Y.
Irvine, F.
2022/018 Maritimes
Optical, Chemical, and Biological Oceanographic Conditions on the Scotian Shelf and in the eastern Gulf of Maine during 2020
Casault, B.
Johnson, C.
Devred, E.
Head, E.
Beazley, L.
Spry, J.
2022/019 Ontario and Prairie Region
Arctic Region
Estimated population abundance and probability of population decline for Northern Hudson Bay narwhal (Monodon monoceros)
Biddlecombe, B.A.
Watt, C.A.
2022/021 Maritimes
Optical, Chemical, and Biological Oceanographic Conditions in the Labrador Sea between 2014 and 2018
Ringuette, M.
Devred, E.
Azetsu-Scott, K.
Head, E.
Punshon, S.
Casault, B.
Clay, S.
2022/022 Newfoundland & Labrador
A state-space model for stock assessment of cod (Gadus morhua) stock in NAFO Subdivision 3Ps
Varkey, D.A.
Babyn, J.
Regular, P.
Ings, D.W.
Kumar, R.
Rogers, B.
Champagnat, J.
Morgan, M.J.
2022/023 Ontario and Prairie Region
Looking for a Needle in a Haystack: Sampling Effort to Detect and Remove Asian Carps During Response Activities in the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin
Smyth, E.R.B.
Koops, M.A.
Drake, D.A.R.
2022/024 Maritimes
Changes to Survey Indices and Implications for Assessment of Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in the Northwest Atlantic
Fowler, G.M.
Bowlby, H.D.
2022/025 Maritimes
National Capital Region
Recovery potential assessment for the North Atlantic designatable unit of Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
Bowlby, H.D.
Coates, P.J.
Joyce, W.N.
Simpson, M.R.
2022/029 Gulf
Fisheries Reference Points for Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) from the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence
Chaput, G.
Douglas, S.
2022/030 Gulf
Multi-species Considerations for Defining Fisheries Reference Points for Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) from the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence
Chaput, G.
2022/033 Quebec
Review of the NAFO 3Pn4RS Atlantic cod assessment framework: commercial and recreational fisheries catch and tagging program data
Ouellette-Plante, J.
Benoît, H.P.
Brassard, C.

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