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Research Documents (1977+)

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1979/001 Newfoundland & Labrador
An assessment of the Labrador shrimp fishery (46 p.)
Parsons, D.G.
Tucker, G.E.
Veitch, P.J.
1979/002 Maritimes
Relation of toxic dinoflagellate blooms to finfish in the Southern Bay of Fundy and Northwestern Gulf of St. Lawrence: A summary of recent studies and a rationale for investigations on fish larvae (10 p.)
White, A.W.
1979/003 Newfoundland & Labrador
The stock composition of Atlantic salmon off west Greenland and in the Labrador Sea in 1978 and a comparison to other years (27 p.)
Reddin, D.G.
Burfitt, R.F.
Lear, W.H.
1979/004 Newfoundland & Labrador
Donnees sur la crevette (Pandalus borealis) au large du Labrador (34 p.)
Axelsen, F.
Fréchette, J.
Tremblay, C.
1979/005 Newfoundland & Labrador
Analysis of the status of the Newfoundland West Coast Herring stock (18 p.)
Moores, J.A.
1979/006 Newfoundland & Labrador
Refinement of the estimation of catch of North American and European origin salmon at West Greenland (4 p.)
Reddin, D.G.
1979/007 Newfoundland & Labrador
The feasibility of using stratified-random survey design for measuring groundfish abundance in inshore bays 911 p.)
Bowering, W.R.
1979/008 Newfoundland & Labrador
Current status of the witch fishery in the Gulf of ST. Lawrence (ICNAF Divisions 4RS) (17 p.)
Bowering, W.R.
1979/009 Newfoundland & Labrador
A developing interest for Greenland halibut in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (12 p.)
Bowering, W.R.
1979/010 Newfoundland & Labrador
American plaice in ICNAF Subdivision 3Ps - Stock assessment update (16 p.)
Pitt, T.K.
1979/011 Newfoundland & Labrador
An assessment update of American plaice ICNAF Subarea 2 and Division 3K (9 p.)
Pitt, T.K.
1979/012 Newfoundland & Labrador
An acoustic estimate of juvenile Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) abundance in ICNAF Divisions 2J and 3K, 1978 (11 p.)
Miller, D.S.
1979/013 Newfoundland & Labrador
The population structure of witch flounder in ICNAF Subdivision 3Ps (17 p.)
Bowering, W.R.
1979/014 Maritimes
Biomass estimates from Canadian research vessel surveys, division 4VWX, 1970-78 (7 p.)
Koeller, P.A.
1979/015 Maritimes
Food and feeding of the Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and adjacent waters (19 p.)
Messieh, S.N.
Powles, H.
Côté, G.
1979/016 Newfoundland & Labrador
Prognosis of abundance and yield of eastern Newfoundland herring stocks (34 p.)
Winters, G.H.
Moores, J.A.
1979/017 Newfoundland & Labrador
Distribution, size and sexual maturity of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) in the Northwest Atlantic 1959-1978 (40 p.)
Lear, W.H.
1979/018 Newfoundland & Labrador
Assessment of the cod stock in subdivision 3Ps (11 p.)
Gavaris, S.
1979/019 Maritimes
1978 4WX herring assessment (44 p.)
Sinclair, M.M.
Metuzals, K.I.
Stobo, W.T.
1979/020 Quebec
Quelques données concernant les mouvements migratoires des morues de la basse côte-nord du Quebec (62 p.)  
Richard, M.
1979/021 Maritimes
1979 assessment of cod in divisions 4T and 4Vn (Jan-Apr) (28 p.)
Gray, D.F.
1979/022 Newfoundland & Labrador
An assessment of the cod stock in subdivision 3Ps (16 p.)
Bishop, C.A.
1979/023 Newfoundland & Labrador
Status of the cod stock in divisions 4RS 3Pn (11 p.)
Wells, R.
1979/024 Newfoundland & Labrador
Capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (13 p.)
Carscadden, J.E.
1979/025 Newfoundland & Labrador
Small redfish by-catch in the shrimp fishery at Port au Choix, Newfoundland (21 p.)
Atkinson, D.B.
1979/026 Newfoundland & Labrador
Evidence for the underestimation of the proportion of North American salmon in the West Greenland feeding aggregate (16 p.)
Fairbairn, D.J.
1979/027 Maritimes
Flatfish of the Scotian Shelf (47 p.)
Claery, L.
1979/028 Newfoundland & Labrador
An evaluation of recent changes in the population dynamics of southern gulf herring (34 p.)
Winters, G.H.
Moores, J.A.
1979/029 Quebec
Herring catch per unit effort in the Magdalens trap fishery and implications for gulf herring stock assessments (11 p.)
Powles, H.
Boulva, J.
Spénard, P.
1979/030 Maritimes
4VsW Cod: Background to the 1979 assessment (35 p.)
Gray, D.F.
1979/031 Maritimes
An outline of a method to back-calculate the mackerel spawning stock from egg abundance estimates (24 p.)
Maguire, J.-J.
1979/032 Maritimes
Distribution and movements of herring in the Bay of Fundy from juvenile surveys (16 p.)
Koeller, P.A.
1979/033 Newfoundland & Labrador
An assessment of Subarea 2+ Division 3K Redfish (19 p.)
Gavaris, C.A.
1979/034 Newfoundland & Labrador
Redfish assessment division 3-0 (14 p.)
McKone, W.D.
Gavaris, C.A.
1979/035 Newfoundland & Labrador
Analysis of the current status of Fortune Bay herring stock (18 p.)
Moores, J.A.
Winters, G.H.
1979/036 Newfoundland & Labrador
Estimation of biomass and yield of the St. Mary's-Placentia herring stock complex
Moores, J.A.
Winters, G.H.
1979/037 Maritimes
Synthesis of selection curves for Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua (5 p.)
Clay, D.
1979/038 Maritimes
Eastern Canadian grey seal: 1978 research report and stock assessment (22 p.)
Gray, D.F.
Beck, B.
1979/039 Quebec
Abundance and distribution of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida), in the southeastern Beaufort Sea (13 p.)
Hunter, J.G.
1979/040 Maritimes
Status of 4Vn herring fishery 1978-79 (17 p.)
Sinclair, M.M.
Stobo, W.T.
Sinclair, A.F.
1979/041 Maritimes
Atlantic Redfish (Sebastes mentella) in ICNAF Divisions 4VWX: A stock assessment and an estimate of the total allowable catch (TAC) for 1980 (25 p.)
Clay, D.
1979/042 Maritimes
Assessment of 3P Redfish (29 p.)
Atkinson, D.B.
McKone, W.D.
Legge, W.E.
1979/043 Maritimes
Bay of Fundy scallop stock assessment 1978 (31 p.)
Jamieson, G.
Lundy, M.J.
1979/044 Maritimes
Preliminary analysis of the use of Bay of Fundy larval survey data in 4WX herring assessments (18 p.)
Sinclair, M.M.
1979/045 Quebec
Response of cohort analysis to input parameters (26 p.)
Rivard, D.
Doubleday, W.G.
1979/046 Quebec
An analytical assessment of SA 3-6 mackerel with information from egg and larval survey (42 p.)
Maguire, J.-J.
1979/047 Maritimes
Finfish by-catch in the Scotian shelf shrimp fishery (12 p.)
Labonté, S.S.M.
1979/048 Quebec
Évolution récente de la population du flétan du Groenland (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) et de sa pêche dans le Golfe du Saint-Laurent (10 p.)
Richard, M.
1979/049 Maritimes
1979 review of inshore cod stock in subdivision 4Vn (May-Dec) (19 p.)
Gray, D.F.
Fowler, B.A.
Maessen, O.V.
1979/050 Quebec
Comparison of the Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida), the Polar cod (Arctogadus glacialis), and the toothed cod (A. borisovi) (13 p.)
Boulva, J.
1979/051 Maritimes
Stock assessment of American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides F.) in ICNAF Division 4T (24 p.)
Metuzals, K.I.

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