CSAS publishes the following series:

Science Advisory Reports (SAR) (2005 +)

Created in 2005, Science Advisory Reports include traditional Stock Status Reports, Ecosystem Status Reports, and Habitat Status Reports. Moreover, management strategies, frameworks and guidelines on the assessment or evaluation on specific issues, impacts of human activities on ecosystem components as well as recovery assessments on a species or population, are also included in this series.


Research Documents (1977 +)

This series documents the scientific basis for the evaluation of fisheries resources in Canada. As such, it addresses the issues of the day - in the time frames required for management - by providing progress reports on ongoing investigations. The research documents use scientific and technical terms and are published in the official language in which they are provided to the secretariat.


Proceedings (1996 +)

The Proceedings Series contains publications which record the activities at meetings or workshops of which DFO is a sponsor. The Proceedings generally record decisions, recommendations, and major points of discussion at these meetings and workshops. Formats in the Proceedings Series are flexible, to accommodate the many types of meetings which must be covered. In all cases an objective is to reflect in the Proceedings the diversity of opinion present in the discussions at the meeting or workshop.


Science Responses (2006 +)

This series documents the responses provided by DFO Science for issues handled via the Science Special Response Processes (SSRPs). The SSRPs are generally used when Science has to respond to urgent and unforeseen requests for scientific information / advice or to respond to a request for which advisory precedents already exist.

For more information on SSRPs and the circumstances they can be used, consult the Operational Guidelines for Science Special Response Processes (SSRPs).


Former Status Reports:

Stock Status Reports (SSR) (1993-2004)

This series documents the status of different stocks of fish, invertebrates and marine mammals in Canada as well as some ecosystem and environmental issues.

From 1993 to 1996, and 2003 to 2004, Stock Status Reports were numbered by year and sequential number (i.e.: 1993/001). For 1997 to 2002, the SSR numbering system functioned with a permanent alphanumeric identifier number designating first the taxonomic grouping and region, and second the stock number (i.e.: D0-01 (2002)).


Ecosystem Status Reports (ESR) (2003-2004)

The Ecosystem Status Report series reports on overviews of the status of ecosystems, oceanographic conditions, biological communities, and other integrative evaluations of status of areas, from local to very large spatial scales.

Prior to 2003, the standard oceanographic conditions reports were published in the Stock Status Report series.


Habitat Status Reports (HSR) (2003-2004)

This series reports on human activities that may impact aquatic ecosystems or components of those ecosystems, including the nature of the activities, their extent, their interactions with ecosystem components, and interactions with other human activities on the same areas. Generally, the effects of fisheries on fish stocks were reported in the Stock Status Report series, with regard to their effects on the dynamics of the targeted stocks or bycatch. However, some types of fishing effects were more appropriately included in the HSR series.